The IBH Addiction Recovery Family Education Program is a series of six classes designed to assist in the full journey of recovery and those affected by the disease.

Participation is required for all family members and friends over the age of 13 who plan to visit someone at the IBH Addiction Recovery. Weekly topics range from understanding the science behind addiction to learning how to effectively communicate with their loved one when he or she returns home. 

  • Week 1: What is Addiction?
  • Week 2: Addiction: A Disease
  • Week 3: What is Treatment?
  • Week 4: When They Come Home
  • Week 5: Addiction: A Family Disease
  • Week 6: Effective Communication

The program aids family members in developing empathy and compassion toward the person struggling with the substance use disorder, as well as themselves. It offers a safe space to be heard – and to heal – with no judgment. In fact, it’s where many family members realize for the first time that they are not to blame. They are not failed parents. Not a bad child. Not an undeserving partner.

While trained client educators lead the Family Education Program, participants often learn the most from each other. Everyone’s journey is unique, yet many family members can identify with one another – they’ve all felt some degree of anger, resentment, fear, and even shame. Sharing personal stories help them feel less alone. And for many family members struggling right now, the most important lesson this program teaches is one of hope. 

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Questions about the Family Education Program? Please contact Rick Bechter by email or call 330.237.6898.