IBH Addiction Recovery has an amazing team of dedicated professionals who each use their unique skills and talents to fulfill the mission. Each month, IBH Addiction Recovery recognizes an employee for their special contributions and dedication. Read more about each employee below.


Congratulations to our 2022 Employees of the Month:

February 2022: Sarah Bradley, Food Services Cook
"Her passion for her work is evident and the care she has for our clients is obvious and admirable."

March 2022: Sarah Hall, Counselor
"Sarah is an amazing advocate for her clients in order to make sure that they are provided the best care possible."

April 2022: Kathleen Valerius, Case Manager
"Kathleen goes the extra mile for our clients with regard to case management needs. Kathleen demonstrates a great attitude and is a phenomenal team player."

May 2022: Jeremy Walker, Residential Supervisor
"Jeremy always has a smile and a warm hello for everyone. He is willing to help, no matter the task. He always cares about clients and provides them with the care they need in that moment."

June 2022: Tamara Lutz, IBH REACH Associate
"Tamara strives to learn more so that she can integrate peer support more effectively at IBH and is a positive example of taking initiative to help our clients in different ways."

July 2022: Amanda Dardenne, Receptionist
"Amanda always goes that extra mile when it comes to helping the clients get settled in. She is compassionate and eager to help whenever she can. Her professional attitude and her initiative to make sure things are done accordingly shows her commitment to IBH Addiction Recovery."

August 2022: Kyle Luckie, Case Manager
"Kyle demonstrates an attitude of professionalism with a willingness to go the extra mile and do what is necessary to meet the needs of clients, staff, and the agency. Kyle has a cheerful attitude that is infectious. Kyle shows a willingness to improve and grow as a professional. I greatly value Kyle and his perspective."

September 2022: Mike Zofchak, Residential Supervisor
"Mike has grown tremendously since his start, hits the door with an open infectious attitude, talks, acts, behaves like someone who is living a recovering life. His willingness to assist, be a team player, and offering meaningful suggestions to maintain IBH Client First Care makes him deserving of employee of the month."

October 2022: Sandy Minnick, Housekeeper
"Sandy is a constant reminder of what steadiness looks like. She is friendly and is always taking her time to make sure the needs of the staff and clients alike are met. Clients know her as Ms. Sandy. Her generosity and smile make such a difference!"