The IBH Addiction Recovery REACH (Recovery, Education, Accountability, Community, and Hope) Program provides organized peer-based volunteer activities and support meetings that foster safe friendships, reinforce values learned during treatment, and create a strong sense of community. 

Community of Sober Support 
Being surrounded by others in recovery creates a strong network of sober support, a feeling of belonging and safe friendships. 

Meaningful Volunteer Projects 
Volunteer projects combat the boredom many clients experience when re-entering society without employment. They also help build self-esteem and a strong work ethic, as well as transform negative stereotypes of people in recovery.

Spiritual Growth 
Community-based support groups strengthen the spiritual foundation formed during treatment. As part of the Aftercare process, spirituality allows individuals to discover clarity and meaning in life as they navigate the recovery process.

Features of the IBH REACH Program:

  • Service-learning projects dedicated to helping organizations serving the less fortunate of Summit County 
  • Education-themed volunteer activities 
  • Spiritual support groups 
  • Recovery support meetings 
  • Peer support services
  • Education on the causes of addiction

The IBH REACH Program offers participants the opportunity to give back to the community for the treatment provided in their time of need. Many even find a greater sense of gratitude and purpose in their lives by serving those less fortunate.

IBH Addiction Recovery recognizes the public cost of treatment for substance use disorders and is proud to be able to give back. Since its 2014 launch, the IBH REACH Program has provided more than 35,000 participation hours to partner organizations throughout the Greater Akron community.

Learn More

For additional information about the REACH Program, including how to become a community partner, please contact Bill Barber by email or call 330.644.4095 ext. 403.