Based on the partial hospitalization model, Day Treatment is a short-term, outpatient approach to drug and alcohol addiction treatment.

Day Treatment allows clients to reside at home or in their recovery housing and commute to IBH Addiction Recovery for 20-hours of programming or treatment services a week. Day Treatment offers the same comprehensive treatment as Residential Treatment, our highest level of care, without the overnight stay at our facility. 

Day Treatment clients, for example, continue to receive individual and group counseling. However, group therapy is now more focused on applying skills in real life. We also provide educational programming and case management to help Day Treatment clients connect to valuable resources and knowledge needed in the future. 

Day Treatment clients are also encouraged to participate in off-campus volunteer opportunities, like IBH Addiction Recovery's Aftercare program the REACH Project. 

Get Help

If you or someone you care about is seeking recovery from drug and alcohol addiction, call us at 330.644.4095. For additional program information, contact Meredith Myers by email or call 330-237-6882.