IBH Addiction Recovery is located on the same 85 acres of serene, rolling grounds near Portage Lakes as when it first opened back in 1970. Purchased from the Carmelite Monks, the property originally included a monastery, farmhouse, pole barn, and chicken coops. Over the years, the existing structures have been renovated and remodeled – and two new buildings added – all to meet the changing needs of IBH Addiction Recovery’s staff and clients.

Today, the original monastery and chapel are now known as the Men’s Residence, while the white farmhouse, built in 1844, is home to Administration Offices. Two of the large chicken coops, from which the monks used to sell eggs, were converted into a Women’s Residence in the early 1980s and features semi-private and dorm-style rooms and are now utilized as Men's Residential and Recovery Housing. The utilitarian pole barn was transformed into a building that was leased out to other organizations, such as Community Support Services and The Village Network, over the years. More recently, the former pole barn has been used as an expansion of the Men’s Residence. 

The two newer structures include a Therapy Center and Education Center. The Therapy Center, built in the mid-1980s, houses counseling services, an auditorium for in-service programs, and office space. The Education Center, the newest building, includes a full-size gym complete with modern elliptical equipment, treadmills, stationary bikes, and cable-type workout centers.

Possibly even more impressive than the facilities, however, is the property’s open green space with walking paths, a pond, picnic tables, pavilions, and even a garden. The IBH Addiction Recovery campus is a naturally calming environment to help clients find relief from outside pressures and reflect. 

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