Residential Treatment at IBH Addiction Recovery is our most intense level of care.

Residential clients live on campus where they benefit from 24/7 supervision and support, as well as more than 40 hours of direct services per week. Those services include individual and group counseling, educational programming, and case management.

IBH Addiction Recovery Residential Treatment includes:

  • Safe, separate housing for men and women with private, semi-private, and dorm-style rooms
  • Open green space with walking paths, a pond, picnic tables, pavilions, and a garden
  • Spiritual offerings including community chapel and spiritual care counselors
  • A modern recreation facility with yoga and fitness equipment
  • Access to the pharmacy, laboratory, and drug screening services
  • Transportation in accordance with treatment needs
  • Clothing and other personal items if needed

Residential treatment clients gradually earn opportunities to practice using the tools they’ve collected while at IBH Addiction Recovery. They can gain privileges such as attending outside meetings, receiving visits, and obtaining passes to go into the community. 

What’s more, IBH Addiction Recovery encourages house management meetings to allow residential clients to provide input regarding the facility. Plus, many of our residential staff members are in long-term recovery themselves and are available 24-hours a day.

What to Bring

For a complete list of items that you can and cannot bring with you when in Residential Treatment at IBH Addiction Recovery, click the link below.

What to Bring

Get Help

If you or someone you care about is seeking recovery from drug and alcohol addiction, call us at 330.644.4095 or 866.815.0IBH, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.