The Behavioral Health Workforce Roadmap was created by the State of Ohio to help individuals gain the skills and education needed to work at organizations like IBH Addiction Recovery. Learn more about the programs below.

Behavioral Health Apprenticeship Program
Interested in obtaining your CDCA and building a career of purpose? IBH Addiction Recovery is participating in the Behavioral Health Apprenticeship program which provides apprentices with on-the-job training while they complete coursework to obtain their CDCA. Interested applicants can follow the steps below.

  1. Complete the apprenticeship application and submit online online by or print the application, complete, and fax the completed application to (330) 996-2233 ATTN Kayla Richardson.
  2. Once your application is received, Kayla Richardson will contact you regarding your application.
  3. If accepted, you then can apply to be an apprentice at IBH Addiction Recovery by sending your resume to:

Welcome Back Campaign
Behavioral health workers are a valued and vital part of our healthcare systems. To incentivize professionals to return to the behavioral health workforce, OhioMHAS is providing recruitment bonuses. If you formerly worked at IBH Addiction Recovery or another behavioral health provider and left your place of employment, you're potentially eligible for a bonus. Contact us to see if you're eligible. 

Great Minds Fellowship
Interested in going to school to study social work, substance abuse/addiction counseling, or mental health counseling? Great Minds Fellows at participating colleges will be eligible for up to $10,000 for their undergraduate and graduate studies. You can talk to your school adviser or the department chair for more information on the application process.


Questions? Contact us at: