The following ideas can help you enjoy the holiday season while in recovery.

1. Get Outside
Take advantage of your local parks, trails, or neighborhood and create your own adventure. You can enjoy some beautiful scenery and fresh air while also taking care of your health. Check out the Summit Metro Parks and find your local park or trail today.

2. Break Out the Board Games
Invite a few friends or family members to a physically-distant game night. Play a few rounds of Apples to Apples, Cards Against Humanity, or Mad Gab, and you'll see that you don't need drugs or alcohol to have a fun night of laughter.

3. Try a New Recipe
Get adventurous in the kitchen and stir up a new recipe. Studies show that participating in an easy creative activity, such as cooking or baking, can increase happiness. Plus, you need to eat any way so why not work on your cooking skills? 

4. Order Takeout
If you're not feeling adventurous, order takeout from your favorite local spot. Enjoy a mess free kitchen while treating yourself to your favorite tasty treats.

5. Get Crafty
Make your own candles, coasters, scrapbook, or picture frames and let your creativity flow. There are lots of crafts you can do with materials you probably have lying around your house.

6. Call a Loved One
There's no doubt 2021 was a challenging year for everyone. Give a loved one a call to check in, share stories, and make future plans.

7. Practice Self-Care
Enjoy a night in and take care of yourself. Maybe read a new book, take a bath, or start that new show you've been eyeing on Netflix. 

8. Watch the Ball Drop at Midnight
What says "New Year's Eve" more than watching the Times Square Ball Drop? You can watch it on TV or stream it online. 


Have a safe, healthy, and happy new year!


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