When someone is struggling with addiction, it doesn't just affect the individual; it has a significant impact on their family members as well. Family education helps families understand addiction as a disease. It provides them with methods to support their loved one's recovery process effectively. 

IBH Addiction Recovery's Family Education service is formatted as a series of repeating discussions that cover subjects related to the disease of addiction. 

Subjects to be covered include:

  • An overview of our treatment approach
  • What to expect during treatment
  • Understanding addiction
  • How to set boundaries and communicate during treatment
  • How to identify warning signs and triggers
  • Coping skills, wellness, and support resources

The sessions are an opportunity to gather information and join an open conversation about addiction and recovery. These discussions help all involved parties comprehend addiction's biological, psychological, and social aspects, including the factors contributing to its development and potential barriers to recovery. This knowledge empowers families to understand better their loved one's experiences and behaviors, reducing blame or misunderstanding. Relatives, partners, friends, and those considering treatment options can attend. 

The Family Education Series is offered on the 1st and 3rd Saturday each month between 10 a.m. and 12 p.m. at our Firestone Park Outpatient and Aftercare Facility. You can find an up-to-date schedule and register on the Family Education page.