A unique quality of receiving treatment for drug and alcohol addiction at IBH Addiction Recovery is that many of our staff are also in recovery. Those individuals are often former clients with first-hand knowledge of how a successful recovery program operates.

Alexander LeFevere understands what it is like to walk onto the IBH Addiction Recovery campus for the first time as a client, and he uses that experience to serve current clients. "It changes one's perspective ... and allows for a depth of understanding I wouldn't have had otherwise," said LeFevere.After completing his treatment program, LeFevere took a position as a residential supervisor before becoming IBH Addiction Recovery's records and client information specialist in April 2023. As part of the Quality and Planning Management team, LeFevere manages records requests and helps administer the Electronic Health Records system. "Having been a client at IBH in the past has been such a tremendous boon to both positions I have held at IBH," said LeFevere.

LeFevere has recently utilized his diverse IT background while implementing the organization's online portal so clients can access their records, check appointments, and create a maintenance department ticketing system accessible from both campuses. "I do my best in a dynamic environment. IBH has always nurtured that part of my character as much as possible," said LeFevere.

A belief in IBH Addiction Recovery's mission and a desire to give back inspired LeFevere to apply for a position here. "So many staff members positively impacted my life in those difficult days in 2021, and I was beyond thrilled to have the opportunity to do the same for those after me," said LeFevere. "It is a tremendously wonderful feeling knowing that I am part of a team that exists to guide people from the depths of active addiction into a new way of living. The fact that I can utilize some of my unique skills daily to aid those in their quest for recovery makes this job the most rewarding of my career."